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Tours and treks in Tibet are often moderately to extremely challenging. We recommend that you carefully consider obtaining most or all of the equipment and clothing in the recommended list of items below. Many of these items are often not available in Tibet, and may be expensive when available. Alternatively, you could consider hiring some of the clothing and equipment in Kathmandu, if you are coming into Tibet via Kathmandu.


  • Woollen Hat - the hat must cover your ears

Upper Body:

  • 1 Long Thermal Inner Shirt - Polypropylene, Thermax, or Wool
  • 2 Cotton Shirts/Blouses - long sleeved
  • 1 Lightweight Wool Sweater/Polarfleece Pullover
  • 1 Heavy Woollen Sweater/Polarfleece Jacket
  • 1 Wind-proof, Water-proof Jacket - nylon, 60/40 cloth. Preferably made of Goretex. This jacket must fit snugly over your inner layers of clothing.
  • 1 Synthetic or Down Insulated Jacket rated to at least -7 degrees C (approximately 20 degrees F)


  • Woollen or Synthetic Gloves, preferably Wind Fleece Gloves

Lower Body:

  • Underwear - several pairs
  • 1 Long Johns / Long Thermal Underwear - Polypropylene, Thermax, or Wool
  • 2 Cotton or lightweight Wool Pants.
  • 1 pair of cotton long pants and a long cotton skirt is recommended for women.
  • 1 Cotton Walking Shorts for hot days (should be knee-length or almost knee-length).
  • 1 pair of Polarfleece Pants


  • 4 Thin Liner Socks - synthetic or wool
  • 4 Mid-weight Wool or Polypropylene Socks. Merino wool socks are ideal (ultra-warm, medium thickness)
  • Medium Weight Hiking Boots (Boots should fit comfortably over 1 liner sock and 1 wool sock)
  • Tennis Shoes/Running Shoes/Sandals/Camp Shoes for in-camp use (optional)

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Water-proof Clothing

  • Water-proof Rain Jacket - coated nylon or Gore-tex
  • Water-proof Pants - coated nylon or Gore-tex. This should fit over your inner layers / pants

Travel: Essential Items

  • Day Pack - large enough to hold an extra layer, rain jacket, water bottle, snacks, and camera. Consider a 30-litre technical backpack designed for comfort on long walks
  • Synthetic or Down Sleeping Bag with a survival rating of -20 degrees C (approximately -4 degrees F)
  • A XX-large duffel bag that is able to hold the above items
  • Locks for the duffle bag
  • Passport, visa (unless obtaining it in Nepal), and two extra passport photos
  • Most overseas citizens (non-Nepali) can obtain a Nepalese visa on arrival in Kathmandu, for USD 30
  • Keep exact change ready (USD 30) for your multiple entry Nepalese visa, or you may not get change back!
  • Your Tibet Permit
  • Don't apply for Chinese visa unless you're flying to Lhasa from Chengdu / China
  • Airline tickets
  • Money in USD and Euro. Exchange to Nepalese Rupees in Nepal, and Yuan in Tibet
  • Apart from your tickets, permits and tour costs, allow for approximately USD 10 to 15 per day for food and other essentials while in Tibet

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Other Important Items:

  • 1 flashlight with spare batteries
  • A couple of small towels - the more absorbent the better (consider microfibre towels)
  • 1 toilet kit: Just the essentials—toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, biodegradable soap, small metal mirror
  • Plenty of wet-wipes come in very handy while travelling in Tibet. Pit toilets are common, and shower facilities / hot water may not be available in many guest houses.
  • Snack bars / protein bars / breakfast cereal / instant coffee / coffee-and-milk ready mades like Jarrah Coffee, biscuits, chocolate bars, drinking chocolate powder, protein shake powder etc. Ensure food items are factory sealed and packed in your check-in baggage to meet current International travel security requirements
  • 1 pocket knife or Swiss 'Victorinox' multi-purpose knife / tool
  • 1 light-weight shovel: If no toilet facilities are available, use the shovel to deposit solid human waste in a hole dug 10-15 cm deep and at least 100 metres from water-bodies, camp, tracks, and watercourses.
  • 1 pair of sunglasses or clip-ons with good UV protection
  • If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, bring 2 pairs of glasses or contact lenses, andample contact lens accessories such as cleaning solution
  • Diamox 125 mg (Acetazolamide) (Recommended preventive dose is 1 tablet taken twice daily. Bring enough for 10 days. Tablets may come as 250 mg, if this is the case, cut the tablets in half. You may require a higher dose - 250 mg twice daily. Discuss this with your doctor at least a month before your date of departure. Diamox is not recommended for those with known sulpha allergies.)
  • Vaccinations: Discuss required vaccinations with your doctor. Many travellers are vaccinated against cholera, typhoid, traveller's diarrhoea and tetanus.
  • Ciprofloxacin 500 mg (1 500 mg tablet 2x day for GI distress. Bring enough for 5 days)
  • Any other medications that you take regularly, or you believe you will need to take during the trip.
  • Sunscreen and Chapstick that have an SPF rating of 30 or higher
  • 2 x 1.5 litre water bottles or canteens
  • Potable Aqua water purifying tablets (one bottle of 50 tablets is enough), and / or betadine 10% povidone iodine drops
  • One large plastic garbage bag. This can be used to line your duffel bag to make it more waterproof
  • Collapsible Ski Poles or Telescoping Walking Staff.

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Miscellaneous / Optional Items:

  • Passport pouch or money pouch
  • Journal and pen for writing
  • Musical instrument
  • Toys and games
  • Books
  • Binoculars (small and lightweight)
  • Altimeter
  • Down or synthetic booties
  • Toilet paper
  • Lighter - to keep leeches off
  • Camera and enough film, or a high quality, compact digital camera. Film is available in Kathmandu, but it's expensive. If you are concerned about X-ray machines at airports, take your film out of its case and put the film into a clear plastic bag to meet airport security requirements. For digital cameras, ensure that you bring a sufficient number of batteries. Re-chargable batteries are great, but depending the tour or trek you choose, you may not have a place to plug in the charger for days.

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